A Trophy, after color correction

A Trophy – All Done!

What a joy to be able to say that I finished a film in 2013. A Trophy, clocking in at around 9 minutes and 30 seconds, is officially the latest addition to my filmography - and I think it's great. Christopher Farrell composed a haunting piano score to match the minimalist style of the film, and cast members Dom Zook, Virginia Welch, and David Galli White are perfect in their parts.

Now begins film festival submission time. I have a short list of upcoming fests that I plan to enter, and will keep you updated as to which ones I get into. I expect many rejections, but hopefully I will also get a few acceptance letters. I would love to have the film play in an actual theater, which is why I won't be posting it online for the foreseeable future. I will, however, cut a 30 second trailer very soon, and you will find that on this site.

Aside from A Trophy, I have a few irons in a few fires, though nothing's hot just yet. The good news is that I have ideas for at least five more short films that I can shoot in 2014, and an old feature project might also be revived in the near future. I don't want to promise anything about the latter, but let's just say that, since this year I've been finally touting my claim to fame as the world's first crowdfunding filmmaker, I may again try my hand at this means of fundraising.