With actors Patrick Donahue and Michele Venlee and producer Dom Zook

Double Feature: Double Winner

In the previous development update, I said that if Double Feature, the film I directed in this year's 48 Hour Film Project in Los Angeles, didn't go anywhere, I wouldn't say anything more about it. You may now note that I am saying something more about it, which means in this case that the film won the audience award for our screening group, and went on to screen last night as one of 14 films in the Best of Los Angeles show. (These were the top 14 films out of around 70-75.) We also went on to win Best Special Effects at the show, which is pretty funny if you actually see the film. Oh yes - you can watch the short here. There were some amazing films in the "Best Of" screening. Very inspiring to see what can be accomplished in such a small amount of time.

Now it's on to my next short, which I will be shooting in mid-September if all goes well. The script is ready, cast and crew are ready, and the tentative title is An Active Fantasy Life. It's a comedy with some "kinky" elements. Stay tuned.