With Miki (the gf) in Santa Fe

Hi, How Are You?

It's been two months since the last update, and there's not much to report, but I thought I'd at least check in and say hello to those of you who look at this page more often than I update it. I'm still waiting to get a firm date for Claustrophobia's release on North American home video, and I still don't know whether it's going to be on Artisan or on Lions Gate or on something else. Artisan looks like a completely dead brand at this point (their web site now automatically forwards you to the Lions Gate site), so although my reps can't confirm it, I'm guessing it will be Lions Gate, which would be fine. Just keeping my fingers crossed that it doesn't get lost in the studio shuffle. I have also officially sent off a copy of the film to my distributor in Norway, who plans to release it on DVD there August 11. So that deal is done. Foreign Correspondents should be on DVD there this October.

As for now, I'm finally finishing up this Army project (see Feb. 17 update) and getting ready for yet another trip next month, this time to Italy, with my charming girlfriend Miki (whose List of 9 won her many fans). I'm making it a big point to start working on the new script after we return on July 1. I am feeling pretty ready to start working on it, at last. And I'll have nothing else to do by then, so no more excuses. Hopefully there will also be some concrete news on that elusive video release. Meanwhile, has anybody noticed that this is the crappiest year for movies ever? Sure, the blockbusters all suck - I could tell from miles away that Troy and Van Helsing would be stinkers, as will Garfield and The Chronicles of Riddick (an early favorite in the Worst Title of the Year sweepstakes) - but what's with the alternatives? Even the foreign films and indie features are mostly duds these days. Come on, folks, making a good movie isn't that hard. Is it?