Melanie Lynskey and Corin Nemec, back in the day

Husker Du Foreign Correspondents?

"Husker du", for those of you unfamiliar with the '80s college band or the old American board game (which spelled it Husker Doo?), means "do you remember" in Norwegian. And let's not forget about my first feature, Foreign Correspondents, which today hits video shelves in my father's homeland of Norway. This just goes to show you how you can never give up on a film: Although it was finished nearly six years ago, even now it will be seen for the first time by somebody. And you know, recently I saw the film again, which I hadn't done in almost five years (for some reason I had always been shy about watching it in its entirety), and I found myself having grown more fond of it. It's a nicely-made, bittersweet little romantic drama with some wonderful performances - especially from the underrated Corin Nemec - and some lovely cinematography and music. If you haven't visited my ancient site for it, please do so now. You can also find the DVD on Netflix.

For the rest of you, I wish you a Merry Christmas (those of you who celebrate it) and a Happy New Year (ditto) as well. See you in 2005 with some exciting new updates.