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In the Army Now

What better date to begin a fresh year of updates than today, which marks five years from the date that I premiered Foreign Correspondents. As usual, the time seems to have gone by both too quickly and too slowly; my mind is filled with "Jeez, it was five whole years ago that I premiered that thing... and still it hasn't gone anywhere?" But then I think about all that has happened since February 1999, both for me personally and for the world at large, and it feels like another era altogether.

Regarding the photo and headline: Instead of writing a new script - which I still intend to do but am not ready for yet - I decided to do something a little creative that would also bring in a modest income. So I took a job with an outfit called the Institute for Creative Technologies, where I am "directing" a computer animated training simulation for... the U.S. Army. It's not as scary as it sounds. I'm working with writers and animators, none of whom are anywhere close to being military, to create story- and character-based simulations. Hopefully the stuff they're developing will one day have civilian uses as well; after all, our beloved Internet was originally designed for the military too. Best of all, it's not full-time, which means I still have plenty of hours in the day to update this site, go to movies, B.S. with friends, and mull about.

In the meantime, you may be wondering what is going on with Claustrophobia. I know I am. Still playing the waiting game, alas, until my distributors finally decide on a "street date" on which to release the DVD. I came across some information a few weeks ago where I learned that the film might have been released as early as October 7, 2003, but my distributors apparently killed a deal that would have resulted in a "regional" release on that date, presumably so they could work a better deal for one single national release, waiting a few extra months if they have to. The good news is that it will mean greater exposure for the film. The bad news is that my reps cannot sell any rights to cable or pay-per-view until this finally happens.