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My Lynda.com Screenwriting Course Is Now Live!

Well, it's been about a year since I first signed with Lynda.com - and I'd been speaking to them for several months before that - so I'm sure you can imagine how relieved I am that my Screenwriting Fundamentals course is now online. Take a look! You have to sign up to be a member of Lynda.com to watch the entire course (I think it costs you $25 for a month, although that also gives you access to all their other videos), but I think you can at least see the first video for free.

There's not much to add, except that I'm incredibly proud and happy that this thing has finally seen the light of day. I worked really hard on it, and a lot of good people at Lynda.com did too. What's next? Who knows? But I'll keep you posted.

Meanwhile, for those keeping track, I still have a few more Reviews and Lists of 9 to import from the old site. All the reviews are in place except for about 30 for movies starting with "S", and I've got just the lists from 1998(!) left to do. That will all happen in a week. Once the site is fully up to speed, and now that my screenwriting course is basically on auto-pilot, I hope to finish up this very long freelance writing project within a month or so and then I'll finally start wrapping up my short film A Trophy.

When I was redesigning this site, I was looking back at all my old Development Updates, and marveled at how frequently I used to write them. One of my goals for 2013 is to stay busy enough that I keep this section fresh, and that I don't let five or six months pass before I post something new.