Dom Zook is a Party Pooper

New Comedy Short “in the Can”

Greetings, gentle reader. You know by now that I am a man of my word, and so I went forth and shot that short comedy film last Sunday. It's called Party Pooper, a title which basically explains the plot. (As usual, I might wind up changing the title, as I have found two extremely unfunny shorts with the same title and same general subject matter on YouTube.) The one-day shoot went well, and I think it will be a very, very funny film once it's done. I just need to set about editing it. My usual editor seems to be busy, so I'm open to any offers. Otherwise, I'll wind up editing it myself. In any event, you can be sure to see the film here once it's finished. The talented cast includes Dom Zook, Ben Dunn, Erika Godwin, Tyler Rhoades, Niki Moore (who was seen very briefly in Claustrophobia as an interviewee on the TV news) and Elaine Elizabeth Reid, who starred in my previous short Portrait of a Pensive Lady.

In other news, I had a surprise development for Dial 9 to Get Out a month ago, when my producer friend got the script into the hands of a production company interested in making it. After a very good meeting with them, and a budget pulled together, my excitement has cooled as it seems the production company now hopes to shoot a bigger-budget picture first. There is still a chance that I might get to work with them, and I'm optimistic as always, but you know show biz... that's why I'm keeping busy by making short films. I have more ideas in my head, so I should be able to crank out a couple more shorts in 2009 as well. Meanwhile, my new career as a creative writer for Blu-ray discs continues. Iron Man and Indy IV will both be released very soon, with my work intact. Buy them! I see no money from those sales, of course, but buy them anyway! Also, I recently wrote a script for an animated special feature to be included on the Blu-ray for Disney/Pixar's A Bug's Life, though its release date is yet to be determined.