Tyler Rhoades and Erika Godwin are Ron and Nancy

New Comedy Short Just Wrapped

Back in August, I informed you all that I was about to shoot a new short called An Active Fantasy Life in September "if all goes well". Well, not all went well: on the date we were supposed to shoot the film, in my house, somebody decided to throw a big street music festival literally around the corner from my house, featuring Ozzy Osbourne, Korn, and other mellow bands. My (justified) fears of neighborhood noise forced me to postpone the shoot. The actors - Erika Godwin and Tyler Rhoades, who also appeared in my previous two shorts - were not available until this past weekend, so I rescheduled the shoot for Sunday, October 4 (yesterday) and all went very well. And I decided to retitle the film Ron and Nancy, after the two characters that the actors play. The title may change again, but only if I can think of something more clever, which is unlikely. It looks like I'll be editing this film by my lonesome, so after a brief vacation next week I will commence cutting, and I'm sure the finished version of Ron and Nancy will be available for your viewing pleasure before the end of 2009.