With my wife Miki at the Alhambra, Granada, Spain

No film news, but keeping busy

My silence here over the last three months hasn't been due to post-Kickstarter depression or anything. In fact, as you can see from the photo (the wife and I took a lovely trip to Spain and Italy in early May), I've been doing just fine.

There has been essentially zero fallout, negative or positive, from the Kickstarter disappointment. No post-campaign offers of funding from charitable friends or strangers. As far as Dial 9 to Get Out is concerned, I am back at square one. I did at least try to turn my loss into someone else's gain, so I wrote two well-received articles about my experiences on Indiewire, for whom I continue to write.

Speaking of writing for websites, earlier this year I was hired as a freelance writer for Fandango.com. It's been keeping me busy. I get paid to work from home doing essentially what I've been doing, unpaid, on this site for years: researching movie trivia and then writing about it. My work includes photo galleries, personality quizzes (yep, I get paid to write this stuff), multiple choice quizzes, and other interactive content. (Lots of links in that last sentence; click away!) It's a good gig, and I'm happy that it landed in my lap, just as I was once again pondering whether I will finally need to get a regular full-time job again.

I've also gotten other freelance writing jobs for opening sequences for big studio movies. I can't say what those movies are, as two are not out yet. The third was just released, and let's just say it has to do with dawn, a planet, and apes. But I don't think much of my actual work made it into the final cut of that one. Still, I got paid.

I do have lots of solid ideas for new short films. The only person I'm waiting on is me. I have to start the planning process: finding actors I want to work with, scouting locations, and landing a new cinematographer as I am not a good cameraman. Once I commit to a short and start assembling the elements, it should come together fairly quickly. The most immediately filmable short is a serial killer story called 20 Matches. In fact, why don't I just say this right now: I will make all attempts to get this particular film in the can before year's end.