With Judy O’Dea and our wacky PA Matt

That’s Really a Wrap

This weekend we shot the scenes for the Claustrophobia prologue and epilogue. Once it's edited together, it should add at least five minutes to the movie's total length. Shooting went well, despite the terrible timing (the first major rainstorm to hit Southern California since February decided to roll in during the very weekend we started filming). On the wet Friday night, we filmed actor/filmmaker Phillip Darlington (who survived wetter and more abusive conditions working for James Cameron on The Abyss), playing a newscaster featured in the epilogue. Then a drizzly Saturday was spent recording voices for a call-in radio show, heard in Grace's (Mary Lynn Rajskub) car as she drives to the fateful Claustrophobia house under the opening credits.

Sunday was the busiest day, when we filmed the prologue. Thankfully, the sun came out and made life easier for everybody. As did Judy O'Dea, who played the hapless first victim in the string of violent murders that the film's story revolves around. Judy is a super great lady, not only because she's game for anything, polite, talented, and professional - but also because she starred in George Romero's original Night of the Living Dead. Which is awesome.

Basically, it was the kind of filming I enjoy most: a small crew, everybody feeling like they're participating, fun times for all. It was probably the least stressful shoot day I have ever had. And the funny thing is, we shot and recorded all this footage at my editor Marc Wade's house. So as we were recording one part of the film, he was down the hall, cutting together another part. In any event, I've got all the sound and video I need at the moment. Now it's all about the editing. Don't expect much more news from me until that's done.