Me, Nina Rausch, and über-backer Hans-Peter Zimmermann at the LA screening

The Year to Come

Happy 2016! Here is where I'm at with 20 Matches, since my last update:

In November I hosted two private screenings of all my short films, concluding with 20 Matches, in Los Angeles and San Francisco. Each evening was quite unique, in terms of venue and audience, but I had a lot of fun at both screenings, and response to 20 Matches has been strong. I'll put it this way: nobody has yet suggested to me that they hate the film, and I'm pretty good at sniffing out hate.

I am slowly getting to the end of sculpting all 107 clay matchbox figures for my Indiegogo backers who ordered them, with just 23 left to make. I've had a good time creating these figures, and everyone seems to like them (some have gone positively bananas over them), but I'll be so glad to be done with this. A lot of crowdfunded filmmakers disappoint on the fulfillment process, but I won't be one of them, dammit.

As for film festivals, I happily underestimated how much money I had left in the Indiegogo till, and how many inexpensive entry fees (including free ones) I'd come across, so as of this writing I have submitted 20 Matches to 29 festivals, and can afford to enter at least 10 more, depending on submission fees. (I'm no longer bothering with those festivals that charge $50+ to submit.) So far no acceptance letters have come in, but it's still very early in the game.

Finally, I just added a proper page for 20 Matches, mostly to acknowledge all my backers by name, as I promised to do in my crowdfunding campaign.

No other film plans are on the immediate horizon, but who knows what the future holds?